These articles and books reflecting early church beliefs and practice will redefine the way you understand concepts such as the Cross, Grace, Faith, Believing, the Atonement, and many others upon which our knowing Christ and finding His salvation depend.
  • Children of Who? (pdf)
  • Several years ago Duane Troyer, leader of a small Amish settlement in northern Missouri, began to write what he felt the Lord wanted all modern-day Anabaptists to know. His prophetic words struck a chord with believers far and wide. About half-a-year ago he wrote another article (the one in this letter), and soon afterwards he moved with his family and the entire group to a new settlement in the southwestern corner of the same state. Here they found fellowship with the Church of Monett, a small but very zealous Anabaptist congregation that has taken Jesus' words in Matthew 28:16-20 literally.
    What will come of this?
    A lot of trouble to start with. But precisely what Duane Troyer is saying now is what started all earnest revivals -- like the first Anabaptists -- through the Centuries. And exactly in this is where the Light breaks in, the new wine of the Spirit flows out and the real Church wakes up to take up its cross and follow Jesus again.
    We want nothing more than for our children and grand-children (if the Lord tarries) to fight and conquer in this same Great War. So let us pray one for another and faint not!
    Peter and Susan Hoover
  • Anabaptist Identity?
  • Those who claim Anabaptist as a title after or before Christian seem to be trying to make a claim on the life the early Anabaptists had. Are the present day Mennonite/Amish like the early Anabaptists? Do they baptize upon confession of faith or do they wait six months? Are they vigorous evangelists and preachers or are they content to be the quiet of the land?
  • War
  • The Early Church was faithful to Christ's teachings on nonresistance until the time of Constantine. Shortly after that, Augustine took the Church even further from the truth when he developed the new doctrine of "Holy War".
  • The Secret of The Strength (pdf)
  • What was the secret to the early Anabaptist's faithfulness in the midst of persecution? What lead to the downfall of the early Anabaptists? Why do today's Mennonites and Amish have almost no resemblance to the early Anabaptists? What would the early Anabaptists tell this generation? Peter Hoover answers all these questions in his book...
  • The Early Anabaptist VS The Protestant Reformer's salvation message (pdf)
  • We explore the Early Anabaptist understanding of salvation vs. what Luther and the reformers taught. Also, how Mennonites and other plain churches have lost the simple faith the early Anabaptists once had due to the negative influence of the protestant 1800's revival movement.
  • How to Get Saved
  • Today there is a fake Jesus being preached and people are accepting him. So if you're an evangelical that claims to have accepted Jesus as your personal savior, then you may very well have received the fake one without knowing it. The fake Jesus is the one most people are accepting now when they say a sinner's prayer. So if you have done that and are 100% sure you're saved, and especially if you believe that you can never lose your salvation, then your Jesus is probably a fake who is some type of Antichrist. To get saved from the fake Jesus you'll need to know the difference between him and the real one, so just keep reading to find out.
  • Faith
  • A biblical, Early Church definition of faith compared to the modern evangelical definition of faith
  • Deceived
  • Have you ever been lied to or deceived? All of us have been, the problem is we don't know it at the time because most lies contain a certain amount of truth. This is why it is so difficult to know when we are deceived. What if you were deceived right now? How would you know it? I suppose you wouldn't. That is the irony of deception, you aren't aware that you are deceived. Let's apply this to Christianity.
  • The Party Ends in Hell
  • Read why one of the signs we preach with on the streets says: "The Party Ends In Hell".
  • Preaching with Signs
  • How we started using signs to preach with...
  • Anabaptists: Neither Catholic nor Protestants.
  • "Twenty counts of abandoning the faith and vision of the Anabaptist reformation." Are today's Anabaptists like those of the past? Do they have the same faith, or have they lost something along the way? Read this excerpt from a booklet written by William R. McGrath and decide for yourself.

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