There is nothing more oppressive than people who have the truth but abuse it.01-22-17
The sun is always shining, even behind the clouds and in the night.01-22-17
Truth that is not guided by charity and light is the most dangerous thing in this world.01-22-17
We may be able to cover up all of our blemishes with make-up (religion), but that does not do any good with God. He sees your heart.01-15-17
Religion tries to light a light bulb with a match.01-15-17
You learn truth by walking in it, not by studying it.01-15-17
Jesus said you will know them by their fruit, but what IS good fruit?01-01-17
Someitmes what appears righteous is not righteous, and what appears unrighteous is righteous.01-01-17
If you cannot be real you cannot be Christian.12-25-16
There is no safety in seeking safety.12-04-16
The only way to promote righteousness is to BE righteous.11-27-16
What condemns wrong is right.11-27-16
If you try to fight the Devil on his terms, you've already lost.11-06-16
Righteousness is not a competition.11-06-16
You cannot offer true peace to others if you do not have it yourself.09-25-16
True peace only comes with absolute surrender.09-25-16
Being rich is not just about having money.09-18-16
You cannot fight a war and win if you are discouraged.09-18-16
A wise man can learn from his mistakes, but a wiser man can learn from someone else's mistakes.09-18-16
A pharisee never sees himself as he really is.09-18-16
Instead of trying to govern yourself in to goodness, YOU just be good.09-11-16
People are looking for a big monster, but he has the already half eaten and they do not even know it.09-11-16
A counsel of brethren cannot put a cross on anyone.09-04-16
The only purpose of the cross is to kill you (your life, your repuation, etc.).09-04-16
Faith is not a feeling or emotion.08-28-16
"Works" is trying to do something other than what God wants you to do.08-28-16
Faith will take more work than most people are willing to put in.08-28-16
Different men, different times, same message: Faith.08-28-16
All through the bible faith threw a big monkey wrench in religion.08-28-16
The only way you are going to pass your faith on to anyone is to walk in it yourself.08-07-16
Worldiness was here before electricity and cars. When you try to strengthen the TRUTH by adding to it (bolstering it up), you are tearing it down.08-07-16
Love and Loyalty are twins; two sides of the same coin. Love without loyalty is selfishness.07-31-16
Embrace anything that teaches character. Make work your friend. Embrace hardships.07-31-16

The early church and the anabaptists weren't trying to distinguish themselves... they were just trying to follow Jesus.07-17-16

Religion is a substitute for the cross.07-17-16

A man with a cross in an individual that cannot be duplicated.07-17-16

BE something that is right instead of belonging to something that is right.07-17-16

Eternal truths are forever.07-17-16

True freedom comes with great responsibility, and that is what people do not want.07-10-16

How many things are you thankful for?07-10-16

How do you love God with all your heart when you complain about the situation you are in?07-03-16

Jesus didn't come to make religion, he came to make men.07-03-16

If you say the bible is the perfect word of God but do not adhere to it, you have an idol.06-12-16

If you don't believe his words, you don't believe Him.06-12-16

If a man's words do not match his life, we call him a hypocrite. So if a man's faith does not match his walk, why is it called Apostolic Succession?06-12-16

Faith is not believing historical facts. Faith is believing Jesus.06-12-16

There's a world of difference between a righteous man and a religious man.06-05-16

Satan is a master at making things look hopeless.05-22-16

Jesus said depart in PEACE, not "pieces."05-15-16

Itching ears bring confusion, not peace.05-15-16

The New Testament Church: the spirit of reconciliation, not the spirit of divorce.05-15-16

Freedom does not mean you are free to go do whatever you want. Freedom is being free to follow the Lord how he wants you to follow.05-01-16

Faith does not look solid to those who are trying to save themselves.05-01-16

One can follow the strait and narrow path, turn around, and still be on the strait and narrow path.05-01-16

Faith does not look solid to those who are trying to save themselves.05-01-16

The Pharisees loved the commandments but did not love the Commander.04-24-16

As you walk the scenery changes.04-10-16

Religion tries to make the in-between comfortable.03-20-16

The Strait and Narrow Way is not synonymous with strict religion.03-06-16

Religion gets in the way of people walking with God.02-21-16

You are only as good as your worst day.02-21-16

You cannot bypass steps to God and still get to God.02-21-16

You cannot be a great man by taking giant steps.02-21-16

It's easy to look in the bible and find what's wrong with other people, but that is vain religion. Look in the mirror at yourself. Do YOU fit? Are YOU being like Jesus?02-14-16

Separating from the world does not make you holy. Being holy causes the world to separate from you.02-14-16

The best way to keep the church pure is to keep the cross in it.02-07-16

It's easy to kick people out. It's harder to be patient and love each other.02-07-16

Are you helping your brother carry his cross? Or are you making it harder for him by whippin him when he's struggling to bear it?02-07-16

You do not look for your cross, your cross comes to you.02-07-16

The Cross creates a wall.02-07-16

Having God's Spirit is not about a good feeling or talking in gibberish; it's about being like Jesus.02-07-16

I've got my mind made up. Don't confuse me with the facts.01-24-16

There is no one more blind than he who will not see.01-24-16

Whenver your judgment is settled and you do not want any more information, you are dead.01-24-16

If you're not real, you're a hypocrite.01-24-16

The only true separation from the world is to have the Spirit of Christ.01-03-16

God is not going to be impressed with what you SAID; he's going to be impressed with what you DID.12-27-15

The only time there is room for Jesus in your heart is when it's empty.12-13-15

How often do you say, 'The Lord has blessed me!' when you are sitting in ashes?

Sometimes losing is when you gain.

It's so easy for us to 'surrender our will' on our own terms and totally miss God's.

We can have yesterday's battles faught and won, yet be losing today's.

Learn to live like Him, and then you will know how to die like Him.

If you don't understand Jesus you won't understand Paul.

You have to rise above yourself to be what God wants you to be. It takes real moral courage.

[Woman] You're not going to win him with your wisdom; you're going to win him with your true submission.

'They' all talk about wanting equality, but what they really want is dominion.

Man has chosen to love the gift [woman] more than the giver [God].

Lay down trying to fix things and enter the kingdom of God!

'Group Conscience' is anti-cross.

'Nonconformity' to the world is just to keep on walking in the light.

We are not called to fix this world; we are called to be a light in it.

Modern christianity has refused true freedom because it refuses the responsibility of being righteous.

You can be a free man in chains, but you cannot be a free man while depending on someone else.

The church is made up of people who are doing right no matter what.

Holiness is what keeps the church, not isolation or regulation/rules.

The message is 'Repent', not 'Try to do better'.

We are in a war. That war is not keeping our nose clean until we die. It's that we can have a clean heart and a clean mind.

Knowledge is not the answer.

If you are not training them [children], they are training you.

What ever it is you are hanging on to, you are holding on to it against eternal life.

'Just' does not mean 'justice'.

We can yield to right just like we can yield to wrong.

We win the battle when we give our will to God.

Child training is easy. It's parent training that's difficult.

The people who 'knew' the bible didn't even know Jesus when he came. Would we know him if he came today?

Discontentment is a hole that will never be filled no matter how hard you try.

We spend so much time trying to create things instead of just being.

What the battle is today may not be what the battls is tomorrow - regarding fighting with rusty swords.

There are a lot of religious people all over the world, but only a few diciples.

Nations and religions may compel you to live right, but they cannot change your heart.

If you can choose bad, you can choose good.

It's not 'He who starts the race' it's 'He who endures to the end'.

The best way to avoid problems is to face them head on.

The same hammer you use for tearing down can be used for building up.

You are only as strong as your weakest link.

Take the next right step in front of you.

The very heart of the church is you and your individual trust in God.

Faith is being able to rest right in the middle of a storm.

Unrest is a deadly cancer that will eat your soul; eventually it will spill out to others and eat their souls.

We have power to overcome when we yield our will to God.

Faith requires us to get out of our comfort zone. The boat is going down. The only safe place is walking on the water.

If who you are right now bothers you, something is wrong.

Christ does not pamper his church.

A person never really knows what real life is until they accept right now.

When God shuts the door, it's closed.

Wisdom comes from living life, not studying about it.

God is going to have the last word.

This world has become a world full of 'Google' geniuses.

There is no armour for the back.

Follow Jesus and let the consequences fall where they may.

Asking "what if" is like trying to put the puzzle pieces together when the puzzle hasn't even been cut out yet.

When it's dead, let it die.

What we have is not our own.

In regards to Jesus fasting 40 days and meeting Satan immediately afterward: 99% of christians would have thought they met God.

When someone does us wrong they are giving us an opportunity to be like Christ.

He is no fool that will lose everything he has to obtain Christ.

They can't hurt you if you are already dead.

We do not condemn you: your sin does.

AMERICA: You are FREE! long as you agree...

We have communion because it's there already.

Doubt your doubts. Take the truth.

If it's anything less than everything it's nothing.

To be 'free in Christ' is a great responsibility.

All God wants from you is everything he has given you.

Doing what is right is not self-righteous.

We are not trying to reform. We are trying to transform.

The grace that leaves you in your sin hates you.

You earn the respect of people by the way you walk.

Walk is a verb.

You don't have to understand everything; just take the step that's right in front of you.

If we cannot be honest with ourselves we cannot be honest with God.

We're not doing this in the flesh! My flesh hates this! We have to crucify our flesh to do this.

Real life is learning to live with the results of the mistakes you've made.

If you obey you don't have to interpret.

"Are you Westboro?" No. We are not baptists.

The beard; it's a man thing.

The world was cursed after Adam listened to his wife.

Facebook is gossip with your fingers.

There's only one thing that makes dealing with proud people hard ... Pride.

You have to be ashamed of who you are to be offended about your race.

Satan makes you feel. God makes you real.

A fool's mouth runs like a rapper.

Gambling: A tax on stupid people.

If Jesus is who he said he was, then we are safe following him.

You are going to die anyway - you might as well do it now.

We are as close to God as we want to be.

Faith is the hardest work you will ever do in your life.

Complacency Kills.

We are not here to live. We are here to die.

As long as you are looking backwards you are going to fall into another hole.

Obeying Jesus is not the unpardonable sin.

History doesn't repeat itself, it only rhymes.

The Baptists condemn the Catholics for their idolatry while they set up there nativity scenes and swoon over it.

A preacher's job is to awaken the conscience not to entertain or answer questions.

You don't study your way into the truth; you walk in it.

Choose the cross and let the consequences fall where they will.

It's much harder to live for Christ than it is to die for him.

Jesus is coming back for HIS church, not yours.

The road to truth is full of road blocks.

Compromise is the quickest way to die.

When you are dead, Satan has nothing to offer.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" = the heart of the world.

Don't pet your doctrine too long; it will bite you.

The further people get from God the more laws they need to restrain themselves.

Patriotism is location-based idolatry.

It's from "faith to faith," not tradition to tradition, ancestor to ancestor or system to system.

You can either be a blessing or a curse.

The things you do today will effect someone in the future.

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" - if you start off in the wrong direction you may make the thousand miles but you will not reach your destination.

All scripture is 'inspired' by God, not dictated by him.

You can't fix stupid but you can create it.

Works may not save you but sin will damn you.

Facebook is as effective as a sharpie on a bathroom wall.

Jesus is a Shepherd, not a sheep dog.

Many people overlook a fruit tree looking for fruit.

You cannot manufacture real fruit.

God never uses lust to show us his will.

Government is to protect those who govern themselves from those who will not.

If you want to believe the word, let it guide you, not you it.

As long as you have your mouth open, your ears are closed.

The Old Testament teaches us how to live good lives after the fall. The New Testament calls us to forsake the good life and live above it.

Freedom to sin is slavery.

Do you belong to HIM or does he belong to YOU?

Made in the image of God, not controlled by flesh.

If your wife does not satisfy you, you are controlled by lust.

Alexander the Great wouldn't look upon his captured women for fear of being conquered by them after he defeated the men.

Real jewels are created in real hardships.

You believe that one died (to be saved). We believe THE one that died.

When the world stops being offensive [to you] it begins to entice [you].

Atheists fight nothing harder than anyone I know.

Those who don't believe in something higher than themselves become slaves to something lower.

When you BELIEVE it's [sin] wrong, you will quit it.

When men allow women to exalt their value, it causes both to lose their value.

God is not on trial. YOU ARE!

Don't worry if "it" only hurt your pride. It [your pride] will heal.

When men are men and women are women, queers are rare.

Not many deaf hear, but the dumb sure speak.

Expecting favors is the foundation of corruption.

Don't use one verse that you may not understand to over weigh 10 that are easy to understand.

The difference between someone with guts and a hard-headed fool is their values.

How can they know if they love him if they don't know his teachings? John 19:21

"Saved" is "saved from", not "saved to"

They think they are hitting home runs but they are hitting fouls.

A college professor = a bowl of soup that just got to think'n.

Beware of Professor Minimind who can only question anything greater than himself.

Blood is thicker than water but gold is thicker than blood.

Bossy wives and women preachers are sin.

It's not "gay", it's sin.

America's Jesus is anti-Christ.

Gifts are not commandments.

When the power of sin is exalted, the love of God is over-emphasized.