MP3 Sermons Reflecting Early Church Truth

These audio sermons reflecting early church beliefs and practice will redefine the way you understand concepts such as the Cross, Grace, Faith, Believing, the Atonement, and many others upon which our knowing Christ and finding His salvation depend.
Some of the messages are transcribed; if you find an error, please let us know.
  • The Quiet Voice from Above (David Keeling) 03-26-17
  • Most people who are looking for an answer RIGHT NOW will find one.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Kevn Stewart) 03-19-17
  • Be everything you can be right now ...
  • Overcome Yourself (David Keeling) 03-12-17
  • He who has overcome himself has already overcome the world.
  • Christ the Victor! (David Keeling) 03-05-17
  • What we believe about the atonement.
  • Dreams, Ashes, and the Kingdom (David Keeling) 02-26-17
  • When you start building protection for tomorrow, you are not walking today.
  • Brian and Brianna's Wedding 02-19-17
  • Unless the Lord Builds the House ...(Marcus Rohrer) 02-12-17
  • Face Your Giants (David Keeling) 02-05-17
  • Most of us want fixed, not helped.
  • Modern Day Pharisees (David Keeling) 01-29-17
  • What does a phariess look like today?
  • Truth Without Light (David Keeling) 01-22-17
  • Truth that is not guided by charity and light is the most dangerous thing in the world.
  • To Find Truth, Walk In It (David Keeling) 01-15-17
  • You learn truth by walking in it, not by studying it.
  • Excommunication: Deadly Serious (David Keeling) 01-08-17
  • If we can walk together here, we can walk together in eternity.
  • His Righteousness (Kevn Stewart) 01-01-17
  • Sometimes what appears righteous is not righteous, and what appears unrighteous is actually righteous.