MP3 Sermons Reflecting Early Church Truth

These audio sermons reflecting early church beliefs and practice will redefine the way you understand concepts such as the Cross, Grace, Faith, Believing, the Atonement, and many others upon which our knowing Christ and finding His salvation depend.
Some of the messages are transcribed; if you find an error, please let us know.
  • Bearing Fruit Pt2 12-20-09
  • Bearing Fruit Pt1 12-13-09
  • Global Warning - Nov. 2009
  • This world is not our home! We were not sent here to fix it, patch it up, and make it a better place to live ... it is damned! Don't get distracted. Look up!
  • The Context of Corinthians 10-18-09
  • What is the historical context of Corinthians? Does it apply to us today?
  • The Gospel According To Jesus Oct. 2009
  • Can we get saved by the words of Christ alone?
  • Someone Is Watching You 08-09-09
  • The salt is the only thing that is standing between the world and destruction.
  • The Crime of Following Through 05-03-09
  • A good explanation as to why Christianity is so accepted by the world but becomes a crime when put into practice
  • You Will Reap What You Sow 03-08-09
  • I don't know of a farmer yet that can go out and plow, fertilize, disk, plant seeds, harvest in fifteen minutes.
  • Have No Fear 02-15-09