MP3 Sermons Reflecting Early Church Truth

These audio sermons reflecting early church beliefs and practice will redefine the way you understand concepts such as the Cross, Grace, Faith, Believing, the Atonement, and many others upon which our knowing Christ and finding His salvation depend.
Some of the messages are transcribed; if you find an error, please let us know.
  • The Good News is Bad News To Some 12-07-08
  • Do you have the world's idea of good news, or God's idea?
  • Sin Is A Choice 11-02-08
  • Are we sinful by nature or sinful by choice?
  • Bearing The Cross 06-01-2008
  • Who's Brand Are You Wearing 01-20-08
  • "Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?" Does the devil know you?