Media Coverage

All of the links contained here are from outside sources. Notes are given as needed.
We never thought David would make it in to Sports Illustrated!
  • "Royals' return to regular season formula has World Series in sight"
  • Glendale High School article ...
  • "Springfield protesters are present every weekend downtown"
  • News story about our brothers preaching at a local fourth of july celebration
  • Sign-carrying church members forced to vacate celebration
  • News Story about our brothers in South Dakota
  • Missouri men preach along SD-34 bypass
  • NSU (Northeastern State University in OK) staff writer interviews some brothers
  • Some NSU students find Church of Monett offensive
  • KSMU student reporter interviews The Church in Monett and the new "Positive Pressence Downtown" group
  • Do Downtown Springfield Protesters Give Off a Negative Vibe? One Group Thinks So
  • NW Arkansas Times interviews The Church in Monett, MO
  • News Article about us
  • University of AR, Fayetteville

    Tolerance... or intolerance? from Clayton Clark on Vimeo.

    Springfield, MO
    Kevn and Wilbur interviewed in Fayetteville, AR
    The next video (two sections) has some bad language. Also, not all of the sign holders are from our church (mainly, the woman and the men with stenciled signs).
    Effective Evangelism
  • The party ends in hell video This is also a video of us and another group that comes out to preach. We caution you to use discretion visiting this site as we don't advocate other indecent material on it.