How to get saved if you're an Evangelical who has accepted Jesus

Today there is a fake Jesus being preached and people are accepting him. So if you’re an evangelical that claims to have accepted Jesus as your personal savior, then you may very well have received the fake one without knowing it. The fake Jesus is the one most people are accepting now when they say a sinner's prayer. So if you have done that and are 100% sure you’re saved, and especially if you believe that you can never lose your salvation, then your Jesus is probably a fake who is some type of Antichrist. To get saved from the fake Jesus you’ll need to know the difference between him and the real one, so just keep reading to find out…

What is Anti-Christ

Anti means to oppose or be against. If something is Antichrist it is anything presented as Jesus while opposing what Christ actually taught in the gospels. The fake Jesus that is being preached today in most churches by his false prophets is an Antichrist who does just that. Here is why…


The fake Jesus calls blessed, men whom people speak highly of like Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, President Bush, etc, etc. His children revere them as leaders and follow their examples.

The real Jesus says woe to those that are highly spoken of because that’s what men have always done to false prophets (Luke 6:26). He calls blessed, men who are hated, reproached and have their names cast out as evil for his sake, for this is the same thing that happened to the true prophets ... and his children will follow in their footsteps (Luke 6:22-23).


The real Jesus calls the poor blessed (Luke 6:20).

The fake Jesus calls the rich blessed. He says they can pursue both God and money because, while they have treasure on earth, their heart is set on heaven.

The real Jesus says woe to the rich. He tells them that if they pursue riches they will hate God because their heart will be set on their earthly treasure (Luke 6:21,24).

The fake Jesus teaches that riches are a blessing, and his false prophets promise more of them to all who faithfully give offerings and tithes to their ministries.

The real Jesus teaches that riches are deceitful and like thorns that choke the word of God out of us, and that's why he said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven (Mat 13:22, 19:24). His prophets call riches corrupted, cankered, and filthy (James 5:2,3, I Tim 3:8, Titus 1:7,11).

The fake Jesus wants to make rich men feel comfortable having treasure on this earth, and his false prophets want them to attend their churches ... assuring them that their treasure is a blessing from God. Some of his real zealous followers use their riches to pay for things like seminary where they go and learn how to get camels to crawl through the eyes of needles. Once they become an expert at making camels jump through needle eyes, they can then go on to be a pastor of a big church where they pastor camels, not sheep.

The real Jesus calls rich men wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked (Rev 3:17). When they come to him he tells them to sell their treasure, not lay it up on this earth (Mat 6:19, 19:16-30). His prophets tell rich men to weep and howl because their treasure will eat their flesh like fire (James 5:1-3).


The fake Jesus teaches that you can be saved and be a true child of God while serving in the military fighting your enemies. His servants like that teaching because, as we saw earlier, they have a lot of wealth and prosperity to defend.

The real Jesus teaches that you can’t be a child of God unless you love your enemies in a practical way by actually turning the other cheek and losing what you have (Luke 6:29-35).

The fake Jesus teaches that you can serve both God and country in the military. His followers ask his blessing on their nation and their troops, and he gives it to them.

The real Jesus teaches us that if we serve two masters we will either love one and hate the other or hold to the one and despise the other. He teaches his followers not to fight for a country in this world because his country is not of this world (John 18:36).

The fake Jesus teaches that our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are important values worth defending. His false apostles teach men to defend those values by fighting anyone who might threaten to take them away.

The real Jesus teaches us that if we try to save our life we will lose it and if we want to pursue freedom and happiness we can’t be his disciples (Mat 16:24,25). His apostles gave up those freedoms and taught others to do like wise by loving their enemies (Rom 12:20,21).

Divorce and Remarriage

The fake Jesus teaches that you can be saved and still be a child of God even though you are divorced and remarried or married to the divorced. His false prophets allow such couples to be part of their churches even though they refuse to separate, assuring them that they are saved.

The real Jesus teaches that to be married to the divorced is always adultery (Mark 10:11,12; Luke 16:18).

His prophets affirm that adulterers won’t enter the kingdom of heaven (I Cor 6:9) and that’s why if any one would have to separate from their spouse the only option is to stay single or be reconciled to the first partner (I Cor 7:11).


The real Jesus teaches that if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her he commits adultery in his heart (Mat 5:28). His followers know that if a woman dresses in a way to attract a man’s attention, and he looks and lusts, then they’re both guilty: the man, because he desires a woman who is not his wife, and the woman, because she doesn’t love God or her neighbor. If she loved God, she would care more about what he thinks than being attractive to a man, and if she loved her neighbor, she wouldn’t dress to be a stumbling block to him. That’s why his true prophets instructed women to dress in such a way as not to cause men to stumble (I Tim 2:9,10).

The fake Jesus doesn’t care how women dress - he tells them that he only looks at their heart and he’s happy with what he sees even though their heart's desire is to be attractive to lustful men. His false teachers would never tell a woman to wear a long dress that covers modestly; in fact some of his false teachers are the very women who dress inappropriately.

The real Jesus’ apostles command women not to teach men or use outward adornments like make-up or jewelry, but rather wear a veil to cover their heads, submit to their husbands and keep silent in the churches (I Tim 2:9-12, I Cor 11:1-16, & I Pet 3:1-4). They never said anything about these things being a cultural issue or only for that time, but rather that these things were the very commandments of the Lord (I Cor 14:34-37) for all men in every place (I Cor 1:2).

The fake Jesus teaches women that in him they are free to adorn themselves however they please, and to teach, preach and usurp authority over men. His false prophets teach them to disregard teachings like the head covering and modest apparel, claiming that they were cultural issues of the past and no longer apply to today.


The real Jesus preaches about hell, judgment, weeping and gnashing of teeth over 20 times in the book of Matthew alone. In the whole book of Acts the word love isn’t mentioned even once.

The fake Jesus just tells every one that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life.

The real Jesus teaches that the only way to get into the kingdom of heaven is a strait and narrow way, and that we have to strive to enter in. He even goes as far as to say that many who try to get in won’t be able to (Luke 13:24).

The fake Jesus teaches that to be saved, all you have to do is accept him as your personal savior, and if you try to do anything to be saved it would actually be counterproductive to your salvation and might even disqualify you.

The real Jesus says that not doing what he commands and then calling him Lord won’t get you saved. He asks why anyone would want to do such a thing (Luke 6:46). In fact he said many would do that and only succeed in getting into hell (Mat 7:21-27).

The fake Jesus has a special formula to get you saved; his false prophets sometimes refer to it as “the Romans road” or “the four spiritual laws”. It is based on the idea that forgiveness is always granted upon request.

The real Jesus has no special salvation formula; in fact some who came to him requesting salvation never received it (Luke 10:25, 18:18, 23:39). All the people whose sins were forgiven by Christ in the four gospels never actually requested it (Luke 5:20, 7:48, 19:9-10, 23:42-43). One thing he does teach however, is that when you pray for forgiveness you better forgive others or you're wasting your time (Mat 6:12-15).

The fake Jesus has a special "sinner's prayer" that his false apostles came up with which automatically gets you forgiven as soon as you say it. Most of them will be more than happy to lead you through it. Some might encourage you to say it on your own or even suggest you come up with your own version. But all of them will assure you that you’re born again and on your way to heaven if you did it with all your heart and didn’t have any doubts about it.

The real Jesus taught that you have to obey his commandments to be able to receive God’s Spirit (John 14:15,16,21,23) and his apostles taught the same thing (Acts 5:32).

The fake Jesus hardly has any commandments, so he gives his spirit to anyone who confesses him as Lord and savior.

The real Jesus calls men to enter the kingdom of heaven by following him (Luke 5:27), and his apostles do too - I John 1:7 ”If We Walk In The Light ... then the blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin”

The fake Jesus preaches salvation backwards: he forgives men's sins, and then they begin to follow him and walk in his darkness.


If you have found that after reading this you have been following the fake Jesus and want to be saved, you had better start following the real one because your Jesus is Antichrist and the real Jesus said that if any one acts like the people who follow the fake Jesus, he’ll just vomit them out of his mouth into a lake of fire (Rev 3:16).