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A response from the Monett brethren to an invitation to "watch the debate":
[Dean Taylor and David Bercot vs. Peter Kreeft and J. Daryl Charles in a debate titled "It's Just War: Should Christians Fight?" held March 28, 2014 in Boston.]

We didn't bother listening to the debate. We were very disappointed that supposed kingdom Christians would stage a debate with people who don't obey Jesus' words. And they approached it as if these people were also Christians!

Then we hear that at the end of the debate a question was asked as to whether "these" felt that "their" salvation was in jeopardy because of belief and participation in a "just war". And they couldn't even come up with a clear answer of concern about the others' salvation!

Bro. David said that would have been a perfect opportunity for a disciple to have stood up and drawn the line between false Christianity and what it means to be a true disciple. Even if they won the debate, Christ lost, because the cross has just been turned into a mental argument. And that is what these supposed "kingdom representatives" (who are so highly esteemed among men) do not understand about the Cross of Christ, but instead reject it.

If we don't understand that loving your enemies is a distinct salvation issue, there's no understanding of the kingdom of God. How can these men write books about evangelism when they're not even concerned about the salvation of false christians.

Christ draws clear lines between this world and the kingdom of God.

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